“Für Sie” reports about Sahaya chairwoman Silke

Silke in Für Sie

Early january, the women’s magazine “Für Sie” released an article titled “Ich geb nicht auf!” (“I won’t give up!”). A headline that actually fits our work in Nepal very well. This time, however, it’s not our Nepal projects that are in the foreground, but our chairwoman Silke Szymura. “Für Sie” tells the stories of three women in situations that changed everything. Sandra Völker reports about her private bankruptcy, Manuela Jukiel about her severe illness and Silke Szymura about the loss of a loved one. Julian was taken away from us through his sudden death during a trip to Nepal in 2013. He was one of the founding members of Sahaya and we mourn the loss of this wonderful, kind hearted and generous man to this day. Silke tells “Für Sie” how she experienced this stroke of fate and how she fought her way back into life. At the same time, death is an unavoidable part of life, so Silke emphasises that sadness over the loss of a person still has a place in life years later. The entire Sahaya team is proud that Silke, through her moving story, gives us all infinite courage to never give up. The whole german article can be found here.

If you want to contact Silke directly, you can do so via her e-mail address silke@sahaya.de. She is happy to receive feedback and answer questions.


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